Specna Arms Gun Bag V1 - 98cm

Specna Arms
Code: SPE-22-027985
  • Medium/Large Gun bag
  • External pocket for sidearm/backup
  • Carry handle and backpack straps

If you are looking for an all in one transportation solution, consider Specna Arms' new range of gun bags! The V1 model has an overall length of 98cm, but features an internal extension piece which can extend the case to house a rifle of up to 120cm in length! The Gun Bag V1 also features a large external pouch which can easily house most small submachine guns and pistol grip shotguns, and additional external pouches for magazines and other bits. Put all your guns in one bag, because we have a limited number of hands!

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The Gun Bag V1 is Specna Arms' first venture into the world of rifle bags, and they clearly know what we need! Given many Airsofters will bring at least a primary and a sidearm to their skirmish, having rifle bags contain a single rifle and nothing else leaves you juggling the straps of several gun bags, and attempting to untangle yourself after the walk from the car!

This scenario is a thing of the past with the Specna Gun bag, having room for a rifle of anything up to 120cm in the main pouch with its internal extension, and a shotgun, pistol, or submachine gun of up to 60cm in its secondary pouch! Even with the bag filled to the brim, you are guaranteed to be able to carry it comfortably with the option to use the carry handle if you fancy a workout or the backpack-style shoulder straps for easy and convenient carry. The front of the bag features a large Velcro patch, with a recessed "Specna Arms" logo, keeping the bag looking serious and tactical whilst still sporting its brand pedigree. Also included mounted to this Velcro area is a Specna Arms PVC patch, which can be removed and mounted on other kit if needed. The bag features foam padded walls, ensuring even if you are a bit clumsy with your bag it won't scratch up your precious cargo!

The main pouch of the Gun Bag V1 measures 30cmx98cm, allowing the vast majority of assault rifles to fit without issues, but if you are rocking a longer rifle no need to worry, the case can be extended with a drawcord secured extension piece which folds neatly into the main pouch when not in use. Inside the main pouch, we have to Velcro secured loops to hold your rifle securely within the pouch, preventing it from moving around and increasing carry comfort. The pouch is closed via two strong alloy zips, which run smoothly with no danger of being pulled apart and can also be locked together with a padlock for extra security.

The secondary pouch measures 60cmx26cm which is ample room for anything that can be considered a sidearm, including most submachine guns and short shotguns. This pouch also features Velcro loops on the inside to hold your replica securely, and double zips allowing a padlock to be used. The Gun Bag V1 also features external straps which can be tightened to take up the excess space in the bag, eliminating all movement and ensuring your guns are sitting snug inside. 

The Gun Bag V1 also features 3 external accessory pouches, providing space for spare magazines, batteries, and other accessories. The two pouches positioned at the top of the bag feature Velcro closure, and the third pouch is closed via a zip, making it perfect for storing valuables.

Together with the backpack-style straps, the rear of the bag also features an I.D window, allowing you to label your bag so it doesn't get mixed up in the safe zone. At the center of the rear of the bag, we can find a zip, which can be opened revealing a large document pouch. This pouch is ideal for carrying any pertinent information such as your UKARA membership details, site booking details, or other documentation which may be necessary when transporting your RIFs on public transport.

For those who travel to a skirmish on foot, bike, and for those who use a vehicle, the Specna Arms Gun Bag V1 is ideal for easy, secure and comfortable carry, with enough room for all the guns you'll need!


  • Large main pouch - 98x30cm
  • Main pouch can be extended to 120cm length
  • Secondary pouch for SMG/Sidearm - 60x26cm
  • Three external accessory pouches
  • Internal document pouch
  • Strong alloy zip closure
  • Integral foam internal padding
  • Carry handle and backpack straps
  • I.D Window - Label your bag to prevent mix-ups!

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  • Specna Arms Gun Bag V1 - 98cm



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