Our Top Hard Cases For Adventure Travellers & Videographers

Our Top Hard Cases For Adventure Travellers & Videographers

Though light, water-resistant cases will keep your belongings dry in most situations, there are times when “water-resistant” just isn’t enough. In this post we will show you our selection of cases that we offer to travellers and adventurers that require a hardshell case that is completely waterproof. Our range of cases provides the best protection for your gimbal, GoPro, drone as well as all the wires, batteries and accessories to go along with them. 

To find a hard case that you can trust to protect your expensive equipment is hard and can cost a lot of your hard-earned money, at Factory Cases we have designed and manufactured a hard case made of polypropylene and glass fibre construction so that if you are to drop your case the contents will be safe. 

Our heavy-duty design and rubber seals on our cases are the reason that we can offer a high waterproof rating (IP 67), the cases that we offer can be submerged down to 1 metre for half an hour allowing for river crossings and boating trips to be a possibility. 

Another great reason to consider looking at our cases is that they are all impact, scratch and dustproof minimizing the possibilities of accidental scrapes, dents and contamination from dust ingress. Each case comes with secure locking mechanisms and strong clasps that act as secure locking mechanisms and come with padlock holes that provide an option for either regular padlocks or TSA approved locks for that extra security. The majority of the cases that we have to offer have the benefit of having an adjustable air valve that is designed to release pressure in high altitudes e.g.mountains or when travelling by air meaning that when under high stress the case will not expand and potentially damage any equipment you may have. 

At Factory cases, we offer all our PARA cases with free customisable pick and pluck foam allowing for multiple layers to absorb the shock your case might come over. Our pick and pluck foam allows for you to cut and mould out the right shape for your gadgets to create a snug fit for them. We think our pick and pluck allows for a lot of adaptability because not everyone's setup is the same and how our cases offer this particular foam allows for different customisations of the internals keeping everything organised and accessible, preventing your devices from bumping into each other while on the move. A massive benefit of buying a case from us is that all areas of the case are protected even the upper inside of the lid is covered in eggbox/wave foam acting like a sponge on top. 

Keep in mind, some of the more popular tech brands that we’ll mention to fit in our cases are just examples. The customisable foam means that the storage solutions are adjustable and that they’re a practical choice for most other brands as well. 

Gimbal Hard Case:

If it's a hard case for your gimbal that you are looking for our suggestion would be the “Bulldog High Impact Hard Case”, a great sized case with all the capabilities of our competitors but at a third of the cost. The multiple layers of foam allow for different items to be placed inside the case without using up much room in the case, we would suggest placing heavier items like a professional gimbal on the lower level and the much smaller items the accessories on the upper one. 

The flexibility of the case allows for gimbals up to 18cm pack downsize to be stored safely into with specially designed with re-enforcement at all key stress points. Another great extra handy feature is the retention holding lid hinge that allows you to get into the case with both hands whilst the hinge holds the lid in place giving you a free hand to access the contents of the case.  


Length 41cm,Width 33cm,Height 21cm

Action Camera Cases:

Even though action cameras are durable in design, you’ll get the most out of them by keeping them safe when they’re not in use, this is why we recommend the “Ferret” case, it comes in handy for all action cams like the DJI Osmo. 

This case is a solid option for protecting your GoPros, the compact yet incredibly tough case has been independently tested by Intertek, a third-party quality assurance company. For that reason, you can be sure that it will provide the protection you need for those action-packed adventures you will find yourself on.

The folding grab handle makes it easy to carry and extra compact while storing meaning that when not in use it will not take up valuable space need in your rucksack. 

This "Ferret" protective hard case is suitable for not only the GoPro family but all compatible action cameras and potential accessories you have with the custom pick and pluck foam accommodating this. 


Length 25.20cm,Width 21.80cm,Height 12.20cm

Drone Cases: 

When it comes to drones our top pick is the “Greyhound Hard Travel Case”, with its moderate size it has some top-grade features that many of this size do not have to offer. The integrated grab handle allows for the handle to be used as a carry case or you can pop it out to make it into a transport case with wheels thus making it ideal for travel.

The larger size naturally means more space for storage and a larger supply of foam inside to protect your Dji and its delicate blades. Just like the cases above, the Greyhound’s heavy-duty design is strengthened with its stainless steel hinge pins. Some drones are known to not operate properly if not stored at the right temperature your expensive bit of kit could become obsolete by overheating, and not storing properly our greyhound case can keep you at peace of mind allowing for extreme temperatures of up to 90 Degrees before the case starts to get hotter.


Length 55.70cm,Width 34.80cm,Height 24.80cm

For more options to find the perfect case for your adventures, feel free to look through our Factory Cases website today and take advantage of free UK delivery on all orders over £50.