Great Cool Boxes For Summer

Great Cool Boxes For Summer

Need a cool box for the hot UK summer? Here at Factory cases, we have you covered!

If you take a look at the range of cool boxes we offer HERE you can see that we offer three different sizes for all types of occasions. 

If it's a hike or picnic between friends or a camping trip for a weekend we have the perfect size of cases to fit your requirements. 

Small Cooler Box

Going on a small day trip? We would recommend the Small 12L cool box, this super-efficient cool box keeps your perishables fresh for up to seven days and is ideal for an afternoon worth of food / Liquids, if we were to use this case we would be filling it with a six-pack of lager and a few sandwiches and taking it fishing. 

Medium Cooler Box

Moving up in size we have the Medium 20L cool box, this heavy-duty cool box is perfect for those wine lovers, with a large internal depth this size can stand normal size wine bottles upright whilst also fitting in a reasonable amount of food for a couple of days camping trip. With its robust design, this Cooler will stand up to drops and dents without compromising the internals but also being compact enough for fitting into the car and even doubling up as a seat.

Large Cooler Box

This big bad boy, the Large 47L cool box is the biggest we have to offer and it's the biggest you will ever need. Going on a big family camping trip or weekend away? Need to fit in a lot of food at a cool temperature? This ice chest has it all capable of cooling a large number of items and holding ice comfortably for up to two days and keeping items fresh for 7 days this chest also comes with a drainage hole so that you don't have to pick out all the water after you have finished. 

We understand that our prices are more costly for what is currently out there on the market and that you can pick up a similar product from a local supermarket but they are nowhere near ours in terms of performance. We would be confident in saying that max you will get 3 or 4 uses out of the cheap blue plastic supermarket ones whereas ours we have no doubt in saying this would be the only cool box you will need for the next 10/15 years!