Rifle Case

Finding The Right Rifle Hard Case

Finding the perfect case for your rifle can be a hard task. Spending all that time looking through measurements, wondering if your rifle will fit, looking at all the different options of cases that are available, and not knowing where to start... In this guide, we will show you what makes a great rifle case, and which rifle case you should be looking at choosing for your gun.

The main takeaways from what you should be looking for in a rifle case is not if the case is the cheapest or the most expensive. The case you choose should be the one that offers the most protection and the one that suits your needs the most. All of the hard cases that we demonstrate in this article are top quality, all come with foam inserts that allow for customization of the case and are IP67 waterproof rated.

The Nuprol Essentials Wave Foam Case is a best seller of our cases; we offer a variety of sizes in these cases ranging from medium to extra large. In terms of quality for cost, these are up there with the best. These Nuprol cases offer a minimum level of protection, but a lightweight yet tough way to carry your equipment in style and comfort.

Essentials Hard-Case
Length 123.50 cm, Width 26.50 cm, Height 11 cm

The Beluga Waterproof Hard Caseis perfect for rifles and shotguns up to 115cm, with external dimensions of 125.2 x 29.40 x 13.30cm, making it perfect for Sniper Rifles, such as the WELL MB03A Sniper Rifle. This case is easy to store under a bed or in a cupboard. This case is built with storage in mind, dust-tight to protect the contents, impact-resistant, and has a pressure relief valve to control the internal pressure. This hardshell case is designed to keep your case and contents secure

Length 125.20 cm, Width 29.40 cm, Height 13.30 cm

The Sabre Waterproof Hard Case is a slightly wider case that would allow for a couple of shotguns or rifles, such as the Evolution Airsoft Recon S Carbontech. Measuring in at 119 x 53 x 21cm, this case is designed to be compact for long-term storage. This particular case is very secure, featuring six-strong dual movement clasps and four padlock holes; whatever you have in this case isn't being accessed easily. As well as the security benefits, this case has enough space for a couple of scopes, mags and other accessories that you might need whilst transporting your items.

Length 119 cm, Width 53 cm, Height 21 cm

The Rhino Waterproof Military Rifle Case is a highly durable, heavy-duty hard case designed to protect your tactical equipment from damage during transport or storage, and was designed specifically to hold M4 / AR rifles. This case’s internal measurements are 113.50 x 34.70 x 9.14cm, making it perfect for those longer rifles and equipment. The Rhino has been designed for those who have multiple guns, scopes, and magazines and want to take all their equipment with them in one tactical case. 

Length 118.9 cm, Width 40.5 cm, Height 16 cm

The Honey Badger Rifle Case is the largest case we offer, with internal measurements of 126.50 x 27.80 x 8.80cm. This case is designed for transport; with its tough handle and wheels, this case can be taken anywhere. The Honey Badger is ready to safely transport any kind of Airsoft Replica, Air Rifle, Shotgun, Rimfire, or Centerfire Rifle.

Honey Badger
Length 138.7 cm, Width 39.4 cm, Height 16.5 cm

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