Finding An Affordable Protective Hard-Case – Osprey VS Storm

Finding An Affordable Protective Hard-Case – Osprey VS Storm

If you’re searching for a case that offers some of the best protection for your expensive camera gear, drones, scopes or any sensitive equipment at an affordable price, it can be a bit of a challenge. Our PARRA cases line ticks all of those boxes and in this post we will compare one of our cases, “the Osprey”, to the prestigious Peli Cases “Storm“ range.

Both similar in size, construction and appearance they carry a professional look to them but have a massive difference… the price. PARRA’s cases are roughly a third of the Peli cases version whilst  PARRA also offer free foam inserts with most of their cases where as Peli it comes as an added extra cost just to protect your items. The added extra layers of pick and pluck foam are a game changer by allowing the case to absorb the shock it might encounter. 

In the case of the Osprey, (sorry for the pun), the lid is an eggbox foam insert, which along with a standard piece of foam on the bottom, sandwiches two layers of customisable (pick n pluck) foam. The customisable foam allows you to cut out the shape of whatever you want to fit into this case and still will provide a perfect fit.

Just like, Peli’s, PARRA cases range of cases provide outstanding protection mainly being down to their durable, hard-shell, polypropylene and glass fibre construction as well as the rubber seal, strong locking clasps, and the customisable foam, both the PARRA Osprey and the Peli Storm IM2300 offer all of the above features with minor differences that wouldn’t be obvious to the untrained eye.

The construction and thought out design of the Osprey ensures that the case is impact, scratch, dust, and waterproof meaning that it can withstand a lot of stress and different situations and still protect the contents. We are proud to say that with an impressive IP rating of 67, it allows for the case to be submerged down to 1 meter up to half an hour if you find yourself in a situation where there is water or rain around.

All of these mentioned features ensure that your items are protected and will give you peace of mind that there will be no dust it will be safe from scratches, drops and knocks and the contents of the case will come out completely dry after your adventures with it. 

Any good hard case on the market should offer the benefit of having an adjustable air valve that’s designed to release pressure at high altitudes which our Osprey does and also Peli IM2300 does, this means that when under high stress the case will not expand and potentially damage your equipment. 

In terms of transport, the Osprey and the IM2300 their size is perfect for airline travel, both of these cases being compared meet carry-on regulations, and are considered as hand luggage. Both cases house holes for the option to add a padlock although PARRA’s ones are of a significantly larger diameter enabling you to protect the contents inside with a stronger thicker TSA approved lock.

As for the locking clasps to keep the case shut when transporting the Storm offers a two “press & pull” latches which though are fun to open and close, are more susceptible to breakage as they have a spring in them that could get potential rust in the long term. The clasps on the Osprey are heavy duty dual movement which are still easy enough to open but feel more secure than the IM2300.

Both cases offer a foldable, rubberised carry handle with a low profile look. We feel that the Osprey’s handle is slightly more comfortable to hold due to its thicker design and ergonomic grip, Whereas the IM2300 lets you lock the handle in nicely into place unlike with the Osprey which offers less range of movement when on the move.  

To help you compare, we will provide a table of the main features you should look at when deciding to purchase a hard case;

Osprey IM2300
Length, Width, Height (CM) 46.2, 35.6, 17.9 46.2, 35.2, 17
Weight (KG) 2.3 2.86
IP Rating 67 67
Air Valve Yes Yes
Rubber Seal Yes Yes
Temperature Control -40 To 90 -29 To 60
Latch Type Dual Movement Press And Pull
Foam Inserts Egg Box Foam Lid, Pick and Pluck Inserts, Base Padding Optional Extra Cost
Handle Rubberised Carry Handle Rubberised Carry Handle
Security Padlock Holes Padlock Holes
Carry On Luggage Yes Yes
Price £69.99 £169.87
Additional Information Certificated Issuer: Intertek Lifetime Guarantee

There’s no doubt about it, both PARRA’s Osprey and Peli’s Storm are high quality cases. It comes down to the huge price disparate and the free foam PARRA offer with their cases. This brings us to the original point of it not being easy to find a hard case that you can trust to protect your equipment. PARRA appear to have filled the vacuum. We recommend you check out their full range of hard cases on our “Factory Cases” website.