Top Five Best Hard Flight Cases For Cameras And Lenses

Top Five Best Hard Flight Cases For Cameras And Lenses

Whether you are a professional or an amateur photographer we can appreciate how expensive your gear can be and understand that you need to protect it. In this post we will go over all the different options that we can offer for your photography needs. If you are needing large or small, light or heavy we have solutions for you.

All our hard shell cases come with customisable foam inserts for you to fit your needs. All our cases are waterproof, dustproof and scratch proof and most importantly crushproof which is essential to keep your lenses, camera, and other expensive gear protected. All of the cases can be submerged in water up to 1m for 30 mins and are fully IP rated and tested by a 3rd party quality assurance company to give you the confidence you need to put your trust in the case. In Addition, to the mentioned features the cases feature an adjustable air valve which is designed to release pressure for transport by air, or in situations with high pressure such as at height.

The Scorpio Hard Case is a perfect fit for a mirrorless camera or a medium zoom lens. This particular hard case comes in a low-profile design that doesn't compromise on strength and build quality. Due to the small compact design, it allows for multiple cases to be happily stacked on top of other cases or inside other cases to save on space. The Scorpio is perfect whether you need to carry delicate equipment on your person or you want to store them with the confidence that they're protected from the elements.

Scorpio Hard Case For Mirrorless Cameras

The Delphis Hard Case is ideal for Mirrorless and DSLR camera owners that want storage to hold both a camera and a lens, with the size of this case it is ideal for everyday transport for a professional photographer that has to shoot on location. The pick and pluck camera case foam inserts allow for any user to fit the case to the specifications that they require. Due to the Delphis's compact nature and adaptability of the foam means that the depth of the case allows for camera stacking in multiple layers.

Delphis Hard Case For Mirrorless Cameras & Lens

The Python Hard Case is a big step up in size from the previous two mentioned, the python case is a great size and a great weight for a case this size, this case would be ideal for an everyday photographer to keep items safe whilst looking professional. 

This Python case is perfect for any occasion; it can carry a comfortable amount of photography kit; it is large enough to allow for multiple cameras and lenses of various sizes whilst not compromising on space.

Python Hard-Case
Python Hard Case For Photography Equipment

The Osprey Hard Case is a perfect carry-on luggage case for those wanting to take cameras on flights with air valves designed for pressure release meaning that you can take your case on a flight without the worry of it expanding and cracking and not running the integrity of the case. The Osprey case comes with egg box foam on the top of the case and is supported by the customisable foam inserts for the middle and bottom of the case allowing the case to be protected at any angle of drop taking the hit and protecting what would be inside the case.

The Osprey Hard Case For On-Location Photography

The Baiji Hard Case With Wheels is the perfect case for flight carry on luggage or any transportation for that matter, the pull-out handle and the wheels on the bottom this case is designed for transport it is ideal for transporting all of your camera equipment and more. In Addition to the handle and wheels feature that this case comes with to make transporting this case easier, the case also comes with padlock holes to add for maximum security so that if you were to put all of your expensive gear in the case it will be secure.

Baiji Hard-Case
The Baiji Hard Case For Equipment Travel

All our cases are universal for all cameras, it doesn't matter if you own Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji, Olympus, all that matters is that you know the dimensions you require and we can advise you on the best solution for you.

Here at Factory Cases UK we value our customers' opinions; if there are any questions or you are looking for more information on our Hard Cases please get in touch with us and we will answer your questions to the best of our ability.