The Five Best Watch Travel Cases For Their Size

The Five Best Watch Travel Cases For Their Size

Looking for a hard shell watch case that you can take with you on your travels? In this blog we will show you a few options that we have. 

Whether it be a man's or woman’s watch case you are looking for, we offer custom foam that you can cut to your own watch specifications instead of trying to make your watch fit the premade custom inserts that other watch case companies offer.

We would highly advise if you have a luxury watch such as Rolex, Breitling, Omega or any high end watch that you want to protect from an accidental drop, that you take into consideration the cost of our cases and the cost of the watch, and how it would prove worthwhile owning one of these cases.

Case For One Watch

If you are lucky enough to own an expensive watch that is worth protecting, you should consider our Scarab Hard Case. This case is incredibly tough, compact and durable. Its foam inserts allow for customisation for any watch size, and allow for the watch to stay in place when being transported.

Scarab Hard Case

Length 21.90cm, Width 18.50cm, Height 10.40cm

Case For Two Watches

For two watches we would recommend the Komodo Hard Case; this case is reinforced, impact-resistant and waterproof, and can be submerged in water deep as 1m for 30 minutes making it ideal for taking on boats and perfect to take with you to water sports.

Komodo Hard Case

Length 25 cm, Width 21.80 cm, Height 11.30 cm

Case For Three Watches

The perfect sized case for three watches would be the Ferret Hard Case; the convenient folding Grab Handle makes it easy to carry on your person, making it perfect for luxury watch travel for those designer timepieces. By keeping them in the Ferret Case, it means that you can take them onto planes without worrying that the case will expand and crack thanks to the air pressure valve on board.

Ferret Hard Case

Length 25.2 cm, Width 21.8 cm, Height 12.20 cm

Case For Four Watches

Our recommendation for four or more watches would be the Mantis Hard Case. This Hard Case can comfortably fit and display four watches, and would be able to squeeze six in if you wanted. The Mantis Hard Case is perfect for the storage of multiple watches with it being dustproof and waterproof, allowing a reasonable amount of padding in-between watches, to stop them sliding about and crashing into one another. This case's best feature would be the two padlock holes on either side allowing for TSA approved locks to attach for added security, which gives you added peace of mind when traveling.

Mantis Hard Case

Length 34 cm, Width 31 cm, Height 15.2 cm

Case Six Watches

The Terrapin Case is the best case for fitting up to six watches comfortably with some space for other accessories to accompany them, such as necklaces, earrings or rings. This case is perfect for a jewelry or watch trader, with completely customisable foam that allows you to cut out the foam to your requirements. At Factory Cases UK we consider the Terrapin the best value Shockproof Hard Case out on the market for the value it offers. If you try to find a case of this quality anywhere you would be looking at paying a considerable amount more for the same style and size.

Terrapin Shockproof Hard Case

Length 35.70 cm, Width 29.30 cm, Height 19.30 cm

If you are looking for a case that you can fit all of your important items in such as phone, keys, wallet, air pods and other valuables we offer a range of LITE Cases, where you can store all of these items in one place whilst you focus on the task at hand.

Here at Factory Cases we value our customers' opinions; if there are any questions or you are looking for more information on our Hard Cases please get in touch with us and we will answer your questions to the best of our ability.