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Medium Cases

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  • Compact Case
  • Eggshell Inner Lining
  • Practical Pistol Transport

A compact, padded carry case ideally suited to carrying an Airsoft pistol and up to two magazines or a small accessory such as a removable mock suppressor. 

  • Multicam Pattern
  • Small and Medium sizes
  • Suitable for Pistols and small SMGs

Looking for a wee bag for your sidearm? Black River's gun bags are perfect to cart around a medium or large pistol or a small SMG/machine pistol Airsoft gun. The interior features a zipped pocket and elastic loops for magazines, suppressors and other accessories.

  • MOLLE Front
  • Mass Storage
  • Padded Insides

Protect your pride and joy along with a stack of magazines, speed loaders and spare parts all in one bag. 

  • IP65 Rubber Seal
  • Large or Medium Case
  • Can Carry <15kg of Gear

A tough yet lightweight Hard Case / Ammo Box / Dry Box for important loose items that you need to keep safe from damage and/or water. With a solid Polypropylene construction and IP65 Water Resistant Seal around the lid, this is the perfect Dry Box for Hunting, Shooting, Boating, Farming, Camping, Equestrian/Emergency and other Outdoor Activities.

  • Sliding Lock Design
  • Internal Foam Padding
  • Integrated Carry Handle

A hard plastic case designed to hold ASG's Dan Wesson Revolver. The case is constructed from Polymer and features laser cut foam inside specifically shaped to the pistol for an extra snug fit.

  • Egg Shell Inner Foam
  • Overlapping Locks
  • Large Pistols

Affordable had carry case ideal for securely transporting larger sized Airsoft pistols or compact submachine guns. Perfect for stacking, and are great for organising your Airsoft collection safely during travel at a great price.

  • Medium/Large Gun bag
  • External pocket for sidearm/backup
  • Carry handle and backpack straps

If you are looking for an all in one transportation solution, consider Specna Arms' new range of gun bags! The V1 model has an overall length of 98cm, but features an internal extension piece which can extend the case to house a rifle of up to 120cm in length! The Gun Bag V1 also features a large external pouch which can easily house most small submachine guns and pistol grip shotguns, and additional external pouches for magazines and other bits. Put all your guns in one bag, because we have a limited number of hands!

  • Multiple Carry Handles
  • Designed To Carry Two Rifles
  • Four Large External Compartments

A gun bag designed to accommodate up to two guns, and all the tools required for them. With its 600D nylon construction, its perfect for those looking for a long lasting gun case.

  • Small/Medium Gun bag
  • External pocket for SMG sized gun
  • Carry handle, messenger bag strap, and backpack straps!

If you are looking for an all in one transportation solution, consider Specna Arms' new range of gun bags! The V2 model has an overall length of 80cm, but features an internal extension piece which can extend the case to house a rifle of up to 115cm in length! The Gun Bag V2 also features a large external pouch which can easily house most small submachine guns and pistol grip shotguns, an external pistol pouch, and two additional external pouches for magazines and other bits. Save yourself the hassle of juggling multiple gun bags on your way to the skirmish!

  • Heavy Duty Latch
  • Lift-Out Inner Tray
  • Water Resistant Seal

This Large Tool Box from PARRA is the ideal storage solution for Hunters, Tradesmen, Boaters, Equestrians and many more. With a Heavy Duty Dual Movement Clasp and Dustproof/Water Resistant Rubber Seal, your contents will be kept safe and dry whilst on the move.

  • Hard Case
  • Wave Foam
  • Lightweight 

A Tactical Airsoft Hard Case by Evolution Airsoft, Designed For transporting your Guns, Gear & Equipment easily.

  • Medium Rifle case
  • Fits Small to Mid sized AEGs
  • Polymer Construction

Looking for something to safely transport and store your expensive guns? Here you have it. Made from high-strength polymer with eggshell-style foam filling, the Rifle hard case from Evolution Airsoft has been specifically designed with Airsoft replicas in mind, providing the necessary protection without breaking the bank.

  • IP67 Waterproof
  • Pressure Equaliser
  • Pick and Pluck Foam

If you need to transport valuable equipment from A to B, and you need to know that the contents are safe from the ingress of Water and Dirt, Extreme Temperatures as well as Pressure changes and rough impacts, then you need the No.649 Cobra Hard Case. Made from Polypropylene (PP) + Glass Fibre material, with interior Pick and Pluck Foam that can be cut to perfectly match the contents, you can be sure that your valuable equipment is safe.

  • Waterproof IP67
  • Impact Resistant
  • Pick n' Pluck Foam

The Ironclad is a wide and deep Hard Case made from seriously strong Polypropylene (PP) + Glass Fibre filled with four layers of Pick and Pluck Foam, so that you can customise it to suit your needs perfectly. With a Water and Dustproof seal, IP67 Waterproof Rating, Crush and Impact protection as well as Extreme Temperature performance and a Pressure Equaliser Valve, this is the best way to protect important items during transit and storage.

  • Included Gun Rest
  • Large Main Storage
  • Removable Dividers

The PARRA Range Box & Gun Rest is the perfect companion for a day out shooting. Featuring rock solid construction, a removable Gun Rest and plenty of space for tools and spare parts, this is the ideal solution to carry everything you need for a day at the range.

  • Hard rifle storage case
  • Wave foam internal padding
  • Medium-sized - Suitable for SMG, most Assault Rifles

Looking for a way to store your Airsoft rifle safely and securely? The Evolution Airsoft Rifle Hard Case was designed with this exact purpose in mind! This case is constructed from strong high density polymer and features 4 lift clasps to secure, with two padlock holes for additional security. This case is medium-sized, making it suitable for most Airsoft SMGs, and medium-sized assault rifles and shotguns, though we recommend you measure up before buying to avoid disappointment!

  • Waterproof IP67
  • Impact Resistant
  • Pick n' Pluck Foam

A medium-sized Hard Case made to an extremely tough standard, which is great for storing Airsoft / Photography and other sensitive and expensive equipment to keep it safe from the elements. With plenty of certifications from third-party quality assurance company Intertek, you can store your valuables with absolute confidence.

  • Waterproof IP67
  • Impact Resistant
  • Pick n' Pluck Foam

With a virtually indestructible Polypropylene construction, multiple layers of internal Pick and Pluck Foam as well as an IP67 Water and Dustproof rating as certified by Intertek (third party quality assurance company), this case is ready to take on anything. It also sports Impact and Extreme Temperature resistance as well as a Folding Grab Handle and Pressure Equaliser Valve.

  • 28" / 68cm Long
  • Twin Catch Locking
  • Eggshell Foam Lining

A medium sized hard carry case, designed for safely and securely holding Airsoft replica weapons during transort and storage. 

  • Pick and Pluck Foam
  • Impact Resistant
  • IP67 Rated

A highly durable heavy duty plastic hard case designed to protect your tactical equipment from damage during transport or storage. This case has a wide variety of safety features made to ensure that your most prizes possessions stay safe even during the toughest conditions.

The case is IP rated, and fully tested to give you the confidence you need to store your favourite bits of kit inside without worry. The case is waterproof, dust-proof, and shock proof, making it the perfect storage solution for anyone who wants to keep their valuables safe in a pinch.

The case is perfect for any kit you would use both on and off the Airsoft field, being the perfect size not only for pistol or attachment storage, but also for storing laptops and other electronics.

  • Third Party Assured
  • Incredibly Tough Case
  • Water / Dust / Shockproof

This Hard Case is constructed to an incredibly tough standard from Polypropylene (PP) + Glass Fibre Material, with reinforcement in all the right places to make it indestructible, but also so that it neatly stacks with other cases. A Rubber Seal around the edge protects the contents from Water up to 1m for 30 minutes, as well as from the ingress of Dust. The Case provides protection from Impact and Shock, Pressure changes and extreme temperatures, all thorough tested by a third party company, Intertek.

  • Easily Stackable
  • Waterproof IP67
  • Pick n' Pluck Foam

The Terrapin Shockproof Instrument Case from PARRA is a seriously well-constructed Hard Case made from Polypropylene (PP) + Glass Fibre material that makes it Impact Resistant, with a Waterproof Seal that protects it from 1m submersion for 30 minutes, as well as Dust, Shock and Pressure. The hinges are supported by Stainless Steel Pins, and the compact design allows them to be easily stacked together, making it the ultimate travel accessory for those who carry sensitive equipment with them.

  • Waterproof IP67
  • Impact Resistant
  • Pick n' Pluck Foam

The Pangolin Hard Case is a seriously tough case with great dimensions that make it suitable for Laptops, Hard Drives, Drone Equipment or any other sensitive items that you want to be able to transport and store with the knowledge that they're completely safe from Water, Air Pressure, Shock/Impact and Extreme Temperatures.

  • Waterproof IP67
  • Impact Resistant
  • Pick n' Pluck Foam

The Mongoose Hard Case is another virtually indestructible carrying case from PARRA, designed to transport your most precious and valuable equipment and keep it safe with several layers of Pick and Pluck Foam, as well as being certified by third party assurance-company Intertek to be IP67 Waterproof and Dustproof, Crush/Impact protected as well as Extreme Temperature compliant and with a handy Pressure Equaliser Valve.

Medium Hard Cases

Ideal for all manners of storage, our collection of medium cases is perfect for growing collections, or when you’re not quite sure which size case will suit you best. Whether you have a small selection of watches or jewelry or need a case to keep electronics and laptops protected, a medium case is a perfect size for a plethora of requirements. 

Medium Cases at Factory Cases 

Our range of medium cases arrives with protective hard shells that are designed to withstand both impact and the elements, as well as keep your valuables secure inside with foam interiors. With their medium sizing, cases from this selection can be easily stored under beds, cupboards, backpacks or even inside other cases for added protection. Plus, with efficiency carry handles that can easily be folded away, medium cases are great for stacking to save on space. 

Protective Medium Cases 

Shop a range of medium cases available online now, and take advantage of free UK delivery on all orders over £50. For more options, why not explore small and large cases better suited for small valuables and larger tools?